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The Evolution of Stock Market Analysis

The emergence of big data has presented a massive opportunity for investors, and AmalgaMood has the tools to help take advantage of it.  For the first time in human history, thanks to the emergence of social media, user generated content, and 24/7 streaming free news coverage, it is now possible through big data analysis to listen to our collective voice and quantify the aggregate social mood of the global society.

Useful for most any topic, it is exceptionally beneficial to stock market analysis. At key transitions between bull and bear equity markets, the aggregate social mood has changed directions signalling an inversion of the then-current trend.  Because such trends are normally multi-month to multi-year, such inversions offer investors ample time to adjust their portfolios.  As the previous decade of strong bull and bear equity markets has shown, investors with knowledge of such trend changes would have an enormous advantage.

AmalgaMood is an evolutionary step in financial analysis.  The incorporation of commentary and opinions from a wide breadth of content providers and individuals who produce their messages in different formats and from varying regions, creates a depth and quality of analysis concerning the medium term trend of the social mood and equity market that to this time has not been available.

Increasingly, the financial market will listen to society’s collective voice in order to determine the medium term trend of global equity markets.  The days of preferring the analysis of individuals, even if such individuals are highly trained investment professionals, in the determination of the likely direction of the global equity markets are numbered.  The next step in the evolution of financial market analysis will incorporate the voice of society on a global scale.

Welcome to the financial analysis of the 21st century.

Mood Index Update: February 2012

The Mood Index inverted from negative to positive on Feb 9, 2012. The bearish Mood phase that began on Feb 25, 2011 has therefore ended. From an investment standpoint, we have covered shorts and are long—but are not as confident with the current inversion as with previous ones and currently believe that this uptrend may be of shorter duration. Our base case forecasts an improving Mood trend on the lower limit of the expected range, i.e. approximately 6 months.

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